Picks of the week 25/11/15

JB’s pick of the week

Groot #6

It’s a shame to see this run end.

It took me back to my childhood. The artwork, script and storyline all comprised of some television show I wished I’d have watched on a Saturday morning. Suitable for all ages, this had instantly loveable characters from start to finish. And this particular issue wraps up the series perfectly and sees us finally hear the big guy speak as Rocket hears him. We get some insight into what makes the tree tick and why he is who he is. So heartwarming you may need some indigestion tablets to relieve the burn. Also a nice alternative to the Secret Wars run having absolutely nothing to do with it at all.

Kris’s picks of the week

My first and favourite pick of the week is venom space knight issue one from Marvel. being a sucker for comic books set in space and a huge venom fan it is no surprise that I loved this book and will definitely be adding it to my pull list. The art is incredible and the dialog is clever and witty .

My second pick this week is the sixth and final issue of Groot. this book holds a special place in my heart and I am genuinely sad that this is the last issue. Writing a book that is both laugh out loud funny and heartfelt is no mean feat but jeff loveness absolutely nailed it with help from brian kesinger the art is flawless and disney like.

My third and final pick of the week is dark knight Three. this has probably been the most anticipated book of the year and I have to say it does not disappoint. Picking up from where the story finished over eighteen years ago it reads and looks as though it could been written and drawn immediately after the last instalment and lays the groundwork for what is shaping up to be another iconic batman book.




Just finished reading the final issue of Siege and HOLY SHIT this series was incredible. To anyone reading the Secret Wars titles, I highly recommend you read this spin off as it will greatly enhance the already epic saga for you. The beautiful art and brilliant writing has made this one of my favourite books to come out of Secret Wars.

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