Picks of the Week 02/11/2015

Bens Picks

A very good week for comics for me this week! Lots of new titles I have shifted at the moment away from DC and seem to be picking up more and more marvel, as well as my top 3 for the week I would like to also give mention to Star Wars #13, All new Inhumans #1 Howard the Duck #2 Guardians of Infinity #1 and Doctor Strange #3 I Enjoyed all these comics a lot but my top 3 picks for the week will have to go too…

Totally Awesome Hulk #1

A hulk comic written by Greg Pak! I could not pick this bad boy, a new hulk I was a tad iffy about how this would go but man it didn’t let down, the artwork by Frank Cho amazing, the fun light hearted tone that the comic takes and I couldn’t help but love Amadeus Cho. Marvel Now have been smashing it this time round with some great fresh takes on characters and I highly recommend this comic.

Robin War #1

COURT OF OWLS! I am a huge fan of New 52 Batman and the best story arc for me has been the court of owls so to see them back was a huge pull for me, the art work was a tad confusing as so many where involved but I was gripped from start to finish, loved Damion with the Robins and the ending! Ohhhh what a cliff-hanger at the end………………go read it.

Daredevil #1

Brilliant artwork, Fantastic story another strong Marvel Now entry, I have not read any daredevil since Marvel Knights and thought this would be a good point to jump back on after finding interest in the character after the TV show. Great way to get back in and some cool new characters I have never seen before like Blindspot.

Kris's Picks of the Week

Extraordinary X-Men
My first pick and favourite book of the week is Extraordinary Xmen. for me this series has been flawless so far and one I genuinely look forward to reading every month. Both the writing and art are just so damn good and have made me thoroughly invested in the story and the characters.

Howard the Duck

My second pick of the week is Howard the Duck issue Two. the direction they are taking the main story of this book is highly emotive ambitious and admirable but I feel that the mini story at the end featuring the frankly fantastic and hilarious gwenpool should be the main focus here! This was a surprise hit for me and have to admit that the new character gwenpool has got me hooked.


My third and final pick of the week is Daredevil. setting the scene and peace with gritty realism and a noir tone this book has the potential to be something pretty damn special and I am looking forward to seeing what is to come. After the netflix series received such a positive response the comic now has a lot to live up to and will also be attracting a lot of first time buyers who discovered the character through the show and if this first issue is anything to go off both new and old fans alike will enjoy this series.

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