Hello Secret geek folk, a quick rundown and my first blog for the year of the films I enjoyed the most and also, the films I am looking forward to the most this year. If you feel I am missing any  then hit up the comments and get talking!


1/ Star wars the force awakens

Ok so this was a no brainer for me, STAR WARS IS BACK! I loved everything about this film. The new cast amazing I loved Rey, Fin, Poe and Kylo and of course the old cast, especially Han and Chewie bringing back the nostalgia. Ok it had a few plot holes and had very similar elements to A NEW HOPE but who cares? It’s Star Wars! It was awesome & I loved every minute of the film, an easy pick for number one for me but I do love Star Wars.


2/ Mad Max Fury Road

A great surprise for me, I’m going to be honest I had only seen the original Mel Gibson films once when a lot younger so I was not hugely hyped when this film came out. But I thought it looked cool so went the cinema anyhow. Man what a film! Exciting, stylish, great cast and a big thrill ride from start to finish. I can’t wait to see where the franchise go next.


3/ Jurassic world

Again one of my favourite film franchises of all time, went to the IMAX on the opening day of Jurassic World and loved it. Chris Pratt was a great lead and again I loved the homage given to the original Jurassic Park film during this one.


4/ Inside out

This is up there with Toy Story and Wall – E for me. What a great original Pixar film. Fresh and interesting characters, new concept great for Kids and Adults and made me both laugh and cry. Amazing film, would recommend it to any Pixar fans who have not seen it yet.


5/ Ex Machina/ Ant – Man

OK I couldn’t decide between these two. I loved Ex Machina great story, amazing effects and I have a slight man crush on Oscar Isaac but on the other hand I loved Ant – Man! Again great cast, funny & a different take on the MCU with a fresh concept. I couldn’t decide what one to put in my top 5 so I’ll put both in.

Honourable mentions –

A few films I have not seen yet so can’t add those like the Martian (watching tonight), Terminator Genesis (this weekend hopefully) And I would like to put out a few honourable mentions to Sicario, The Good Dinosaur, Avengers Age of Ultron and Ted 2.


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