EDITORS NOTE: Seeing how it is hard for all of us to buy and have read all our comics by a decent time, we’re now going to be giving you our picks of last week. We hope by doing this we can read a lot more, appreciate the comics more and then you can join in and tell us if you agree, disagree or if we missed something out. So without further ado:


Not had my pics for a few weeks now, With Christmas and all I have had a huge backlog of comics and I’m finally up to date, this week’s Comic pulls for me are:

* Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #1

* Robin War #2

* Batman and Robin Eternal #15

* All New Wolverine #4

* Captain America: Sam Wilson #5

* Guardians of the galaxy #4

* Secret Wars #9

* Uncanny Avengers #4

* The Walking Dead #150

So my picks of the week… Some very good books this weekend, I would have go with The Walking dead #150 for my star comic of the week.


Pick of the week: The walking dead #150

Fantastic Issue and a great build up off things to come. After the major deaths caused by the Whisperers, the walking dead has slowed down a bit but this episode has picked up with some gruesome panels and a great set up for what is going to come next.

I am very excited for where Robert Kirkman is going to take this now and hope I enjoy it as much as I did the “All-out war” arc.



Others Picks: All new Wolverine #4

My favourite run of comics at the moment is the all new Wolverine, before all new Wolverine #1 I had not read much about Laura but I am finding her backstory and past very interesting and the flash back panels in this comic with Laura and her sisters work well. Also adding Dr Strange and his fantastic style made this for a very enjoyable comic if you have not yet picked up All New Wolverine, do so!


Secret Wars #9

Well was it worth the wait? In my opinion yes, I have loved all of the Secret Wars event and #9 does not let down, cool Artwork a big show down between Dr Doom and Reed Richards both Spiderman’s together and some really cool Black Panther stuff! Loved this if you have not read the event I’m sure a good TP will be out soon definitely worth a read.


Extraordinary X-Men #5

My first pick of the week is issue five of extraordinary Xmen. loving the direction that this title is going in as it upholds the morals of professor xavier and is reminiscent of all those classic xmen stories that we all know and love yet puts a fresh new twist on things with the inclusion of old man logan and young jean grey and not only that but I am totally loving how they are portraying storm she is just so bad ass! This book is one of my favourite titles out there at the moment

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2

My second pick of the week is issue two of batman Tmnt. the writing is perfect and the art is sick and the fight scene between batman and the turtles was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! This book is like a childhood dream come true for me and it just keeps getting cooler.

Secret Wars #9

This is the one we have all been waiting for the final issue of secret wars and to be honest this book disappointed and confused the shit out of Me. not sure what I was expecting as far as a conclusion goes but this was certainly not it! Having invested so much time and money in this story, I was expecting the finale to blow me away and it did not.

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