PICK OF THE WEEK 03/02/16 (by JB)

Due to unforeseen circumstances it is only I, JB, who is making the recommendation this week. So without further ado…

SPIDER-MAN #1 (Miles Morales)

This is a very hard run to pull off and yes we’re only into issue 1 but if it carries on like this, it could become a classic. Here we’re telling the story of a young man battling with high school, homework and being a person with super-human abilities that lend themselves to that of a Spider. Sound familiar? For all intents and purposes we should be shouting “Rip-off!” and demanding something new and original.

However, there are many variables which detract from this initial feeling. For starters Miles is a generally cool character and so are his associates. Now that Peter Parker is all grown up there is definitely a gap in the market for a guy like him to have an impact on a new generation and help an older generation happily reminisce. Secondly the artwork and story-board in this was premium stuff. I felt like I was watching a film, then watching a cartoon, then a TV drama. It took me on a journey, as a good comic should. Finally, how into the deep end they throw him. It would have been easy to just start him off fending off pettier criminals again (and it does nod its head in that direction) but we are full on into an Avengers-esque problem. What with SPIDEY now into issue 3 and also out this week, it needed to be different. From page to page, I was happy to watch the first set of the dominos fall to lay out what I hope to be an epic and consistent comic for the future.

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