Good Day secret geek, I have been a tad behind reading comics these past few weeks from one week or the other so I am still playing catch up on many of my runs but I’ve been able to pick up and read a few from last week to give you my picks from last week as I’m running short I only have 2, I’m sure Chris has me covered with lots more I’ll be back up to speed next week and me and Chris have a blog soon with the top current Marvel runs we recommend.

Star Wars #16

Vader down was great but now over, we had last issue as a fantastic obi story in-between so this #16 sets up the next story arc. Amazing art, easy to follow panels and straight forward arse kicking story made this an easy pick of the week for me. I am looking forward to where this next story will go but a solid start and great place to jump on if you have not yet picked up a Star wars comic.


Power Man and Iron Fist #1

I personally have read a few Iron Fist comics but never Luke Cage and never Power Man and Iron First so I was looking forward to picking up this comic and jumping into something new. What a great start the artwork was cool and the story picked up like a goofy good cop bad cop sort of drama. Fresh and new a great book I would recommend to any Marvel fan for something new.


I Hate Fairyland #5

I love Fairyland! issue five is my pick of the week and I am super stoked on snagging this variant cover edition. This book is Scottie Young at his trademark finest showcasing his creative control over both the story and the art creating a comic that is so fucked up it is like watching an episode of my little pony directed by Quentin Tarantino


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